Region 15 is a member of the American Iris Society.

The societies of Region 15 are open to anyone with an interest in iris. For information regarding meeting times and locations please contact the president for the society in your area.

Affiliate Registration Form

Hi Desert Iris & Daylily Society
Sue Brown, President
Inland Region Iris Society
Beth Train
Lompoc Valley Iris Society
Cindy Martin, President
Orange County Iris & Daylily Club
Bobbie Hogancamp, President
Prescott Area Iris Society
Martin Boxer, President
P.O. Box 11918
Prescott, AZ 86304
San Diego Iris Society
Claire Schneider, President
San Fernando Valley Iris Society
Andi Rivarola, President
(818) 802-4188
Southern California Iris Society
Brian Moon
Sun Country Iris Society
Sharon Petterson, President
Tucson Area Iris Society
Kevin Kartchner, President
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